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2021-22 Program Details


To be a leader you need three things: A desire to lead, a drive to move a group towards a shared goal, and a yearning to learn. Whether you aspire to achieve a higher position with formal leadership authority, or you aspire to increase your influence from your current position, the WIA Leadership Program will prepare you to embrace the leadership challenges that lay ahead, or in front, of you.

We use a developmental framework tailored for women in the health informatics ecosystem. You will explore, develop and distinguish the technical competencies and ethical values that comprise your leadership brand. Our curriculum follows three complementary pillars of leadership:

  • Leader Development: You will focus on developing your intrapersonal potential including self-awareness, self-regulation, self-efficacy, self-motivation, and values clarification.

  • Women and Men in the Workplace: You will focus on recognizing existing artificial and/or structural barriers preventing women from achieving upward mobility and the development of behaviors to help change and circumvent these as women and men work together.

  • Leadership Development: You will focus on applying leader behaviors in developing interpersonal potential in situations of social influence, relationships, and team dynamics to challenge the status quo and promote opportunities for organizational growth, innovation, and positive change.


On-site workshops. MasterMind groups. Executive coaching.








Expectations & Commitments

The WIA Leadership Program is an intensive leader development program. Your leadership growth spurt will be directly linked to your ability to invest your time and energy in learning and practice. You should expect to invest the following time in your leadership development:

  • Onsite Learning Sessions: You will attend three sessions on October 28-29, 2021, February 10-11, 2022 and May 19-20, 2022. You will need to plan travel that will enable you to be ready to start by 4:00 PM on the first day and stay through 5:00 PM on the second day.

  • Webinars: You will watch or attend periodic, short webinars throughout the seven-month course.

  • Monthly Executive Coaching: You will attend monthly, one-hour virtual coaching sessions with an executive coach.

  • Monthly MasterMind Groups: You will be assigned to a small peer group of scholars. Each group will arrange monthly times to meet for 60 – 90 minutes. You will discuss readings, homework assignments, case studies, and the capstone project.

  • Homework Assignments: We estimate you will spend approximately 2-4 hours a week on readings and homework assignments.

  • Capstone Project: Each scholar is expected to create a capstone project that addresses diversity, equity and inclusion. You must work with at least one other scholar in your MasterMind group in developing and implementing your Capstone Project.

  • Tuition: The program is $3,500 and includes all materials, instruction and coaching for the seven-month program. Scholars are responsible for the cost of travel and accommodations. The majority of 2019-20 scholars secured funding for the program through their employers. Because of the program's commitment to ensuring access for all aspiring leaders, there are limited scholarships available.

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